Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How high do you climb? How often do you climb?

    Depending on the job site, not all job sites require climbing. When climbing it could be anywhere from 60ft to 2000ft. We also work on Rooftops, Water Tanks, Grain silos, and Stealth Poles, some of the cell sites require a manlift to reach the equipment elevation.
  • What training is required and what does it involve?

    The first week is paid in person training, involving Competent Climber and Competent Rigger certification, OSHA 10, Ariel Lift Training, Radio Frequency Training, Lock-Out Tag-Out, Hoist/Capstan Training, and CPR/First Aid.
  • How long do you travel?

    Typically, we do either 5 days on the road with 2 days off, or 11 days on and 3 days off. We have been known to shift the schedule to give guys 4 days off around certain holidays of the year.
  • What benefits do we offer?

    We offer a full benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Blue365, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Sick time, PTO, Holiday Pay, Bereavement, Supplemental Life insurance, Disability, Per Diem, Paid hotels, Company apparel, Discounted winter gear.
  • How fit do I need to be?

    Must be physically fit enough to lift at least 100lbs, and able to climb hundreds of feet in the air. There are climbers 18 years old to well into their 50’s, this just depends on the person.
  • How mechanically inclined to do you have to be?

    We work with anything from small hand tools, power tools, JLG manlifts, and the ability to read and understand construction sequence and blueprints. We hire and train every individual, even if you have never picked up a power tool, or worked with blueprints.
  • Do you need experience?

    Experience is preferred but not required, we are willing to train to help you make a career!